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Category: Fetish
Date Reviewed: 05-30-2012
Muscle hunks get their nipples pinched and tweaked in this male nipple play site.
Content Quality: 12 / 25
Content Quantity: 14 / 20
Updates: 12 / 20
Value: 11 / 15
Features: 4 / 10
Navigation: 3 / 5
Reviewer Points: 1 / 5
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303 exclusive video clips in Flash format, vids sized at 640x500, amateur to good amateur quality, streaming videos only - no downloadable vids available, no DRM used.
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Pexual takes gay and male nipple play to a whole new level. I would have liked to see scene descriptions and model profiles, but the bottom line is that when it comes to a focus on nipple play, this is the only game in town.
No dates on updates to know how regularly or exactly when each was added. No full nudity may be an issue for some.
$19.95 - 7 days recurring at $24.95 monthly
$29.95 - 31 days recurring at $24.95 monthly
$39.95 - 30 days non recurring
$49.95 - 60 days non recurring
$59.95 - 90 days non recurring
$69.95 - 180 days non recurring
Pexual is the only male nipple play site I've seen. The focus is on hunks with muscular chests as either they or an off-camera mystery man play with their nipples. Pinching, stroking, teasing - the nipple stimulation is relentless, sometimes continuing when the men would have stopped on their own. In fact, to some extent some of the sessions include discipline, as the models are not permitted to stop for the duration. The site promises exclusive content of the men's upper bodies and sometimes their faces - there's little nudity, as the focus is entirely on intnse nipple play.

Pexual offers 303 video clips and weekly updates, although updates are not dated. The videos are available in streaming Flash, shown at 640x480 at amateur to fairly good amateur quality. Note that the videos range from under 2 minutes to over 4 minutes of continuous nipple play, and while some videos are shortish full scenes, others may be only a part of a scene. There's no bonuses or extras, and I was disappointed there weren't model profiles or detailed descriptions of each scene, but what's this site has to offer is definitely on-topic and never strays from the site's unique focus on nipples and gay and solo nipple play.

Pexual delivers on their promises of exclusive content and a hot nipple sessions that you won't find anywhere else. The videos are streaming only, but they definitely deliver bodybuilders pinching and tweaking their nipples or having their nips pinched and played with by a mystery man. If you're looking for cock or full nudity, this gay fetish site may not be one you'll like, but those with a nipple fetish are probably going to like what they find here. The bottom line - if you love muscle men and nipple play, Pexual is a site you won't want to miss.

  • Exclusive content
  • Unique male nipple play theme
  • Well-built hunks with muscled pecs
  • Weekly updates
  • Updates not dated
  • Videos are not offered for download
  • No full nudity