Our Scoring Criteria

Video Quality – Maximum of 20 points.
How good the videos look and function. Are they sharp and clear, and do they look good on desktop monitors and mobiles? Are there issues with the videos like jerkiness, being very dark or odd sounds in the background? If so, we take points off. Sharp, clear videos that enlarge to full screen well with no other issues gets a maximum of 20 points.

Picture Quality – Maximum of 5 points
How good the pictures look. Are they sharp and clear without being over-sharpened? We remove points if the pics are dark or fuzzy, blurry, have odd color castes. Pics with none of these issues can get the max score.

Amount – Maximum of 20 points
How much content does a site have compared to similar sites? the biggest sites with the highest amount of content gets the highest score of up to 20 points.

Value – Maximum of 10 points
How much does a membership cost compared to the amount of content? A site with 250 videos with a monthly membership of $19.95 will get a higher value score that a site with 250 videos where a monthly membership costs $34.95.

Updates – Maximum of 20 points
Update frequency and whether the updates are full scenes or only parts of a scene are considered. Sites that don’t update or that remove and re-add existing content and re-date them to appear new will get a score of 0. Sites with frequent updates of full scenes or sessions can get up to 20 points.

Focused content – Maximum of 5
A mix of production values, niche accuracy and model engagement. Points are removed if the models have poor chemistry or look bored. If the camera keeps moving away from the guys, there’s an annoying director or there are other production issues, we take points off. A maximum of 10 points.

Functionarlity – Maximum of 10 points
How easy a site is to use and useful features. Sites that are littered with ads, have unintutive navigation, have features or content that’s hard to find or not easy to use, have full page ads or cross sales will get lower scores. Sites that make everything easy to use and easy to find can get up to 5 points.

Accuracy – Maximum of 10
This one focuses on accuracy of tour and site claims, and also content niche accuracy. If a site’s models or action don’t match the site’s theme, points will be removed (example – a twink site where all the models are over 30). If a tour makes claims it doesn’t fulfill, points will be removed.